New F1 Fans Start Here!

In all likelihood, you saw Netflix’s Drive To Survive and you think you might be hooked on this crazy world of Formula 1. Well, now what?

Step 1

Start with my very first episode – The Basics. With that under your belt, you’ll hopefully not be completely lost when watching a race weekend.

Step 2

Go through the F101 A-Z series where I explain various parts of F1 at a basic level.

Pro Tip: If you’ve subscribed to the podcast in your player, look through the settings and set it up to play sequentially as the series was published vs the latest episodes first. This setting tweak will let you binge through F101 A-Z easily.

Step 3

  • Social media! Go jump into the Formula 1 subreddit on Reddit. It’s the largest F1 fan community on the internet. Also follow me on Twitter! I’ve also got my Instagram page where I put pre-race information.
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