F1 A to Z: Senna, Summer Break, Spa, and the Shoey – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening Track: Muse – Hysteria

So here we are, headed into the Formula 1 summer break to talk about Senna, Safety, Spa and of course, the Shoey!

Items mentioned during this episode:

Check out Top Gear’s tribute to Aryton Senna and also the Senna documentary on Netflix. Be sure to catch Frenchy & The Talent’s Shoey. Warning: It’s, uh, Australian.

Also, Hugh Grant and Jimmy Kimmel doing shoeys for some unknown reason.

Here’s Webber overtaking Alonso through Eau Rouge at Spa. I mention Perez having a crash at the top of Eau Rouge, but in looking for video clips, I realize I was thinking of Kevin Magnussen. Here’s the carnage from the 1998 Belgian GP as well. It was an absolutely bananas race – reminiscent of the 2019 German GP from a few weeks back. Then there’s Grosjean cartwheeling his Lotus over Alonso’s head taking out both him and Hamilton’s McLaren in 2012.

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Lastly, Dad and I are off during the F1 summer break with trips to Europe. He and mom are off to Belgium and Normandy, myself, the wife and kids off to London and Paris.