2020 Pre-Season Testing & Interview with Chris Sylt of Formula Money – F1 Explained

Intro song: Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Kicking off the 2020 series with a bang! I’ll take you through what we’ve seen thus far for 2020 including driver lineup changes, new car liveries, and a couple of bombshells dropped during the first pre-season test.

I also was fortunate to have along Chris Sylt of Formula Money for a great chat. He’s been following the money in F1 for 20 years and had some great insight into teams, organizers, drivers, and how money revolves around all of them. It’s a great listen.

As mentioned, the format is changing and I’ll be getting you Race Ready during the 2020 season. Expect episodes to drop the Wednesday or Thursday before the race weekend. You’ll then know what to watch for that specific race weekend.

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