F1 A to Z: Acceleration, Aerodynamics, Fernando Alonso – F101: Formula 1 Explained

F1 Explained
F1 Explained
F1 A to Z: Acceleration, Aerodynamics, Fernando Alonso - F101: Formula 1 Explained

Some heavy heavy topics for the first letter of our Formula 1 A-Z series!

First we’ll start out with acceleration, G forces, and performance generally. I’ll do my best to compare to a top road car – the McLaren P1 – just to give you an idea of the insanity of Formula 1.

Next we’ll dive in to aerodynamics talking generally about downforce and drag, then into a bit of history on Formula 1 and then into modern aerodynamics and some of the loopholes in the formula that teams have leapt through with clever aerodynamic developments.

Finally we’ll wrap up with Fernando Alonso. He’s an impressive driver who has won the Driver’s Championship twice – though honestly it should be more. There’s a fascinating article about how Ferrari orchestrated Alonso’s demise at the team in order to scoop up Sebastian Vettel, leaving Alonso with no choice but to head back to McLaren. He’s also in pursuit of the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

Referenced Material

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The McLaren MP4-25 – Gorgeous car!

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Start incident at Spa where Romain Grosjean crashed into (over?) Fernando Alonso

(I actually forgot that Grosjean managed to take out Hamilton as well. Pillock.)

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I’m gonna pee in your seat!

Wonderful piece BBC did for Alonso’s 200th Grand Prix

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The Basics – F101: Formula 1 Explained

F1 Explained
F1 Explained
The Basics - F101: Formula 1 Explained

In this inaugural episode we’ll talk about “Formula 1” and just why is it called that, who runs Formula 1, the championships – yes plural – that are up for grabs, the teams themselves, engine suppliers, the race weekend format, and finally – the race itself.

Hopefully at the end of this episode you’ll know enough to follow a race weekend without too much trouble. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss anything! Feel free to ask questions or give feedback over on Twitter @_f1explained.

Trailer – F101: Formula 1 Explained

F1 Explained
F1 Explained
Trailer - F101: Formula 1 Explained

If you are new to Formula 1 or are curious about following it, this podcast is aimed right at you. There is a lot to learn about F1 and it can be overwhelming. We will focus on breaking down the basics from A to Z in easy to process bite-sized pieces.