Australian Grand Prix 2020 – Race Ready – F1 Explained

Opening Track: AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

Well, here we are with F1 2020 about to officially kick off. So exciting! After a quick bit of news about the next grand prix, I’ll take you through the track itself, what to look for, incidents in the past that have made Melbourne an exciting race, and finally when to catch it live.

After listening, you’ll be Race Ready.

Referenced material:
Martin Brundle’s crash in 1996
Ralf Schumacher kicking off an 8 car wreck in 2002
Fernando Alonso’s horrific crash in 2016 that he walked away from

2020 Pre-Season Testing & Interview with Chris Sylt of Formula Money – F1 Explained

Intro song: Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Kicking off the 2020 series with a bang! I’ll take you through what we’ve seen thus far for 2020 including driver lineup changes, new car liveries, and a couple of bombshells dropped during the first pre-season test.

I also was fortunate to have along Chris Sylt of Formula Money for a great chat. He’s been following the money in F1 for 20 years and had some great insight into teams, organizers, drivers, and how money revolves around all of them. It’s a great listen.

As mentioned, the format is changing and I’ll be getting you Race Ready during the 2020 season. Expect episodes to drop the Wednesday or Thursday before the race weekend. You’ll then know what to watch for that specific race weekend.

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Bonus Episode – Ford v Ferrari: Formula 1 Explained

Opening track: Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune

It was movie night over at our place so we saw Ford v Ferrari. (Legit it may be the 4th movie we’ve ever seen together.) Is it a cinematic masterpiece? No. Is it fun? You betcha. Go see it, then give a listen as we talk about LeMans, the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, what the movie got right, and what was hugely glossed over.

F1 A to Z: Women in Motorsport with WSeries driver Sabré Cook – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening track: Wax Tailor – Que Sera

I’m super excited about this one as I’ve got a special guest for you, WSeries racing driver Sabré Cook.

Sabré grew up karting, pursued a mechanical engineering degree, won a coveted spot in the Infiniti Engineering Academy where she’s now working for Renault’s F1 team as a composites engineer and somehow managed to find time to race competitively in the inaugural WSeries season in 2019. She’s on the hunt to improve in the coming 2020 season where WSeries will add two races to the calendar.

She also shared her experience at the 2019 United States Grand Prix where she was on site for the weekend for Infiniti.

Have a listen and then head over to to find all her social accounts to follow.

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F1 A to Z: Vettel, Sebastian Vettel – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening track: Örsten – Fleur Blanche

Diving into the letter V, I couldn’t not dedicate the episode to Sebastian Vettel so that’s who we’ll cover in this one.

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Referenced Material:
Robert Kubica’s crash at the Canadian GP
The 2010 season over on
Alonso’s thousand yard stare after losing to Seb for the third year running
Mattiacci and Alonso: The Real Story

F1 A to Z: Upended Race Weekends, Upcoming Changes, Ultimate Performance – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening track: Groove Armada – Suntoucher

Going solo for this episode to bring you what happens when the race weekend gets upended by really bad weather (such as what’s happening at the Japanese GP), upcoming changes for 2020 and 2021, comparing the ultimate performance of F1 to other cars and some info on getting up close to that performance yourself! Buckle up!

Referenced Materials:

Vietnamese Grand Prix (Wikipedia)
Dutch Grand Prix (Wikipedia)
Explaining the MGH-K and MGU-H (
Watch David Coulthard in a Formula 1 car take on V8 Supercars and a Mercedes AMG C63 (YouTube)
BMW M5 vs the BMW Williams F1 FW27 (YouTube)
Ferrari Challenge wreck from the 2019 Canadian GP (YouTube)

F1 A to Z: Team Dynamics, the Tow, the return of the quiz, and a special guest host! – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening track: Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

I planned to cover so much more (as you’ll hear in the introduction) but my special guest host is so good at getting me talking that we ran for nearly an hour on just two topics! We’ll have to do another T episode at some point I guess.

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F1 A to Z: Senna, Summer Break, Spa, and the Shoey – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Opening Track: Muse – Hysteria

So here we are, headed into the Formula 1 summer break to talk about Senna, Safety, Spa and of course, the Shoey!

Items mentioned during this episode:

Check out Top Gear’s tribute to Aryton Senna and also the Senna documentary on Netflix. Be sure to catch Frenchy & The Talent’s Shoey. Warning: It’s, uh, Australian.

Also, Hugh Grant and Jimmy Kimmel doing shoeys for some unknown reason.

Here’s Webber overtaking Alonso through Eau Rouge at Spa. I mention Perez having a crash at the top of Eau Rouge, but in looking for video clips, I realize I was thinking of Kevin Magnussen. Here’s the carnage from the 1998 Belgian GP as well. It was an absolutely bananas race – reminiscent of the 2019 German GP from a few weeks back. Then there’s Grosjean cartwheeling his Lotus over Alonso’s head taking out both him and Hamilton’s McLaren in 2012.

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Lastly, Dad and I are off during the F1 summer break with trips to Europe. He and mom are off to Belgium and Normandy, myself, the wife and kids off to London and Paris.