F1 A to Z: Lewis Hamilton, Laps, Leading Strategies – F101: Formula 1 Explained

We are back! With the 2019 Formula 1 season in full swing, we’re back to bring you more on the basics of F1 so you get the most enjoyment out of the sport. I’ve got a special guest this week – my dad! He’s a pretty new fan and I thought I’d have him along to bring us through Lewis Hamilton, Laps, and Leading strategies.

F1 A to Z: Ignition, Force India, Inside Line – F101: Formula 1 Explained

This episode I’ll take you through the history of Force India and where they’re at now given their recent ownership change. We’ll also talk about the inside line – what it is, why it’s important, when and when you don’t want to use it. And lastly we’ll cover ignition and how it relates to vehicle aerodynamics. Yes, they’re linked.

F1 A to Z: Hot Laps, Heat, and James Hunt – F101: Formula 1 Explained

Right! Martin Brundle keeps banging on about putting in hot laps. What’s that?! I’ve got you covered.

Heat! It’s good, it’s bad, which is it when?! Got that too.

Go ahead and do an image search of James Hunt. Look at that magnificent bastard. Icon of 1970s Formula 1 and flamboyance. He’s coming your way too.

Strap in, F1 A-to-Z’s letter H is here.

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F1 A to Z: Daniel Ricciardo and the Driver Market – F101: Formula 1 Explained

I didn’t intend to release an episode so closely to the previous one, but news in the world of Formula 1 has forced my hand.

Daniel Ricciardo leaves RedBull. To Renault?!


Listen to the episode to learn about the Driver Market and the knock-on effects that this will have to the rest of the teams.

F1 A to Z: Clutch, Compounds, Canada – F101: Formula 1 Explained

In this episode we cover the clutch (and F1 gearboxes generally), tire compounds – particularly around how they play into strategy, and Canada!

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