Making Formula 1 accessible to all

F101: Formula 1 Explained is a conversational format podcast aimed at new Formula 1 fans. Our aim is to arm listeners with the basic knowledge they need to follow a race weekend for the first time.


Jared Nichols

Your host has been rabidly following Formula 1 since the 2010 season. A true ‘explainer’ at heart, Jared loves conveying knowledge almost as much as he enjoys acquiring it.

A true gear head, when he’s not thinking about Formula 1 he’s probably thinking about the next project for his 1990 BMW 325is.

John Nichols

Dad is a new Formula 1 fan who thanks to Jared’s enthusiasm had no choice but to give it a try.

With visits to the US Grand Prix and Canadian Grand Prix race weekends under his belt, he’ll be a fan forever.

Ever the Anglophile, he’s a big Lewis Hamilton fan. When not quizzing Jared about Formula 1, he can be found golfing or gardening.