Formula 1 2021 – Spanish GP, Mercedes’ Brilliant Strategy, Safety Car Restarts – F1 Explained

Brilliant win by Mercedes. That was a showcase of just what F1 race strategists do with their day and I’ll take you through what made the win happen.

I’ll also explain how the Safety Car restart procedure works.

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Formula 1 2021 – Portuguese GP, Race Pace & Is Mazepin Too Slow? – F1 Explained

Bit of a stinker of a race, but still plenty to talk about. Little bit of follow up touching on the new Sprint Qualifying format as well as track limits. Then diving into qualifying and the race at the Portuguese GP.

As much as I don’t want to talk about Mazepin, we should. Is he too slow for Formula 1? What can be done about it?

Finally I wrap things up with an explainer about “race pace” vs “qualifying pace.” What are they? Drivers and teams talk about them all the time. I’ll demystify it for you.

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Formula 1 2021 – Imola, Russell & Bottas, Miami GP, and Race Weekend Changes – F1 Explained

Woah! What a race at Imola! I love when it rains as it typically makes things very interesting. The big story, obviously, is between Russell & Bottas so I’ll break that down for you. I’ll also break down the announcement of a second grand prix here in the US – Miami. Lastly, we may see a shakeup of the race weekend format. Listen on to find out more.

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Formula 1 2021 – Bahrain GP, Sabine Schmitz – F1 Explained

Well! That was a great opening race. I’ll dive into things worth talking about such as why Max gave the position back, Perez’s great race, and what’s up with Vettel?? First up though we lost another motorsports great in Sabine Schmitz.

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Formula 1 2021 Pre-Season Testing, Murray Walker – F1 Explained

I’m doing something a bit new for this episode so make sure you’re able to look at your podcast app as you listen to this episode.

Well, the teams have had their only pre-season testing session of 2021 so I’ll break down for you how they all did and what to look for as we enter the season.

Sadly, Murray Walker – the voice of F1 for so many fans – passed away just a few days ago, aged 97. I’ll talk about him as well.

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I’ve been completely obsessed with this mashup lately

Formula 1 2021 Season Preview

We are 18 short days away from F1 testing and not much farther from the first race in Bahrain. I’ll give you a run down of the teams and drivers for this year, what to watch for during testing, and what I’m going to be watching for over the entire season.

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Formula 1 2020 Season Recap – F1 Explained

Wow. F1 2020 was quite the trip. Quite a bit to cover in this season recap!

– Super fun 2020 race calendar, complete with NO MONACO!
– F1 technical progress made in 10 years
– What’s considered “a long time” in F1 time?
– My driver of the year!
– When do we get to watch F1 again?!
– Closing out with a special something.

Opening Track: Fade Into You – Mazzy Star

Tires, Tires, Tires – F1 Explained

Opening Track: Calvin Harris – Feels

Woah boy. We thought back-to-back races at the same track could be boring and we were proved wrong thanks to tires giving up the ghost. This week I dive into tires and explain just what the heck we saw at both British GPs and how it may affect the upcoming Spanish GP.

In other news I touch on an announcement by the FIA to limit qualifying engine “Party Modes” and I’m now proudly blogging for CMC Motorsports!